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Trailer In The End Is What Kind Of, In The End What Are The Features?
- May 03, 2017 -

For many of the friends who run transport, semi trailers will not be unfamiliar, then the Liangshan trailer factory you know? If you do not know Liangshan trailer factory that you run a few years of transport, as a professional production base of the trailer, only here to produce the trailer is King ah, although many factories are also producing trailers. If you see now do not know what is the trailer, then I would like to tell you what is a simple trailer. The total weight of the trailer from its own so it is called full trailer, of course, there are a lot of people called the trailer trailer. Of course the trailers are characteristic of itself without power, independent bearing, can rely on other vehicle traction on the road, but a lot of cargo trailers, so now many run transport people are certainly not love trailer, trailer, semi-trailer is love. So what is the semi trailer, semi trailer axle is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle, and can be equipped with horizontal or vertical transmission to the tractor trailer hitch, and also features full trailer, itself is not the driving force, and as long as the main vehicle to achieve the effect of loading together, do not underestimate these trailers oh. Each car prices are not cheap, expensive millions, is generally hundreds of thousands, so these is equivalent to a sports car, but the car to buy insurance Oh, I remember that last year there have been so many Trailer hit car reports, but when reporters are truck drivers. The driver is very calm and said the insurance, indeed, if there is no insurance that is a lot of trouble Oh, luxury car just repaired are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of.