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Tractors Can Be Divided Into Several Categories
- May 03, 2017 -

According to the traction and driving ability of the tractor, the tractor is divided into a whole tractor and a semi-trailer tractor.

In front of the driving capacity of the front called the tractor, the rear of the car did not have the ability to drive traction Trailer Trailer towed by the tractor. There are two kinds of connection ways between tractor and trailer:

The first is the trailer in front of the half of the tractor on the back of the traction saddle above the rear of the tractor trailer to bear part of the weight of the trailer;

The second is the front end of the trailer connected to the rear end of the tractor, the tractor provides only the forward pull, dragging the trailer to go, but does not bear the weight of the trailer down, this is the full hang.

Hui selection tips: in fact, there are many kinds of classification of tractors, the current market is mainly divided into two tractor trailer tractor trailer and tractor trailer. With the progress of science and technology, the electric tractor is available, the tractor family will add a member.