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Tractor Principle
- May 03, 2017 -

Traction control system referred to as TCS, also known as ASR or TRC. Its role is to make the car in a variety of driving conditions can get the best traction. The control device of the traction control system is a computer, using the computer to detect the speed and direction of the 4 wheel steering wheel angle, when the car accelerates, if it detects the driving wheel and the driven rotary non speed difference is too large, the computer immediately determine the driving force is too large, issued a directive signal to reduce the flow of engine, reduce the driving force, thereby reducing the slip rate of driving wheel. The computer through the steering wheel angle sensor master driver steering intention, then use the left and right wheel speed sensor around the wheel speed difference; in order to determine whether the driver and vehicle steering degree of intention. If the car is not steering (or over steering), the computer immediately determine the driving force of the driving wheel is too large, issued a directive to reduce the driving force, in order to achieve the driver's intention to turn.

The traction control system can prevent the idling of the driving wheel when the vehicle runs on the wet road, such as snow, so that the vehicle can start smoothly and accelerate. Especially in the snow or muddy road, the traction control system can ensure the smooth acceleration performance, prevent vehicles from driving wheel slippage and shift or drift.