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Tatra 120 Cars Released A Limited Edition Of Dump Truck
- May 03, 2017 -

Recently, Tatra official announced more details of the car. As Eastern Europe is the first production car manufacturers, Tatra has experienced the legendary 120 years, and their limited edition Phoenix trucks will only produce 120 cars, as the company's first car off the assembly line 120 anniversary CEO Radek Strouhal Tatra shown in the car to the media, for the 120 anniversary of the Tatra. A period of time has milepost sense, which is why the company decided to launch 120 limited edition Phoenix Euro 6 trucks. Tatra is a strong and confident global brand, has an excellent reputation in the world many countries and regions, rich experience and deep tradition is the foundation for the future construction of Tatra company. Tatra 120 anniversary edition was named president of the Phoenix truck. The unique wine red paint with black gloss paint two shades are the main features of the Phoenix presidential truck. The golden Pr? Sident is the only one of these 120 trucks. With the ordinary version of the Phoenix truck is different, the president of the Queen's rearview mirror shell, fender and so on with the body with the same color.