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Requirements For The Manufacture Of Semi Trailers
- May 03, 2017 -

1 what kind of semi trailers are qualified products

The car body may not have serious deformation, crack, rust and rivet off, thread connection loose phenomenon.

The inside and outside of the car shall not have any sharp bumps that can cause injury.

The car compartment should switch flexible, reliable connection and locking.

The gap between the plates, each plate between the carriage and the bottom plate should be less than 3mm.

The tipping control lock of the self discharging and semi self unloading trailer is inserted or pulled out flexibly, and the locking is reliable.

The carriage should have a front safety bracket and cable hook.

2 semi-trailer vehicle must be:

Signs, numbers, signs are complete, clear handwriting.

The exterior of the trailer is neat, the parts are intact, the connection is tight, and no defects.

The basic parameters and dimensions of the trailer shall comply with the provisions of GB/T4330.

Cable, brake and hydraulic tubing length is appropriate, the location is reasonable, in turn, reversing is not affected.

The two sides of the tractor and the two axle trailer shall be provided with a protective net (rack, chain, rope, etc.).

When the distance between the bottom of the double axle trailer and the ground is greater than 800mm, the protective device of the two outer device of the front and rear wheels should be arranged between the front and rear wheels.

After the trailer should be the same plate spraying plate amplification no..

3 frame and suspension

Frame and suspension no deformation, no crack, no serious corrosion.

Leaf spring should be fixed and reliable, no cracks, there should be lubricants between the working face of the spring.

4 traction and steering mechanism

The traction frame is not deformed, and is provided with a safety rope or chain.

The traction frame is connected with the tractor to be in a horizontal state, and the traction point can be lowered to 100mm; the bolt should be locked reliably, and the traction ring can be rotated flexibly in the tractor traction fork.

After the trailer is connected with the walking tractor, the clearance between the bolt and the traction frame hole should ensure that the upper and the lower moving amplitude of the handle is not more than 200mm.

Two axle trailer steering should be flexible, when the left and right to 90 degrees, no abnormal friction.