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Jiali Technology Held A New Product Explosion-proof Vehicle New Technology Seminar
- May 03, 2017 -

In April 13th, the organization held a "Jiali technology new products Jiali technology explosion-proof vehicle new technology seminar". The conference invited the director of the national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center of national mine explosion-proof electrical products quality supervision and inspection center, director of the Beijing lifting transport machinery design and research institute director, China Vehicle Engineering Machinery Industry Association Branch Secretary General Zhang industry leaders, experts and some of the company's Sinopec leaders, experts and representatives to participate in the part of the user.

In the morning, all the participants to the company visited Jiali technology company, performance display and the intersection of 5 tons of electric forklift, forklift, diesel AC electric forklift compliments. Afternoon, the participants in the Golden Horse Hotel conference room exchange. Jiali technology chairman Gong Zhengyao first introduced the general situation of Jiali technology and development direction. Jiali technology explosion-proof special vehicles Chen introduced water products at home and abroad to the forklift, explosion leading technology combining forklift forklift and Jiali design concepts and international standards of active protection and passive vibration.

Leaders and experts have spoken, not only on the development of Jiali explosion-proof vehicle gave praise to continue to put forward suggestions to improve the expert, Sinopec also proposed Jiali technology needs to develop more suitable for high standards of petrochemical explosion-proof forklift users need.

Jiali technology is the main drafter of the national standard of explosion-proof electric forklift, domestic car explosion-proof only EU CE certification, gained international patents and many other honors, is currently drafting the national standard of internal combustion forklift. The company will always focus on "science and technology casting eternal, strategic innovation achievements in the future Hing company, adhere to market-oriented, technology-based, high-quality products and excellent service to the industrial cooperation ideas, colleges and universities extensive domestic and international scientific research institutes, and follow the path of development of production, learning and research with the continuous introduction and adoption of new technologies, new materials and new technology, and actively improve the development of new vehicle explosion-proof products, and strive to reach the world first-class, the strongest domestic professional explosion-proof vehicle manufacturing enterprises.