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Dump Truck Operating Instructions
- May 03, 2017 -

Force part operation

1, first confirm the normal operation of the engine, and to ensure that the system pressure at 700~800KPa;

2, the transmission control lever in the neutral position of the low area;

3, the separation of the clutch, the first turn on the power switch, and then turn on the parking force switch; at this time the buzzer will call the alarm function;

4, according to the requirement, the gear lever is placed in the low-grade area required stalls (3 steps below), slowly release the clutch pedal force taking device to enter the working state, PTO indicator lights, the hydraulic system of pumps it is in working state. The attention does not Meng throttle, keep the engine speed in the 1000 ~ 1600 rpm; 5, in need of a force taking device to stop working when the clutch pedal, transmission control lever in neutral, the power switch and stop power switch according to the closed position, PTO indicator lights, multi function stop the buzzer buzzer alarm, then release the clutch pedal.