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What problems should be paid attention to when the truck is equipped with the selection?
- May 03, 2017 -

1, the transport of large items must be used bucket car;

2, the length of more than 5.4 meters should pay special attention to the height of the center of gravity and stability of lifting carriage;

3, can not be transported with coal transport vehicles. General coaltransportation car at an altitude of 1.6~1.9 meters, the length of how this type of vehicle design is based on the light goods (the proportion is less than 1.2) may be considered, for lifting the poor stability when transporting earthwork, severe cases can cause the lifting rollover accident;

4, do not use the bucket truck transport silt, clay and other viscous goods, the structure of the bucket car to make it more difficult to unload sticky goods;

5, the transport of iron ore powder dump truck with the manufacturers to choose the statement, select the use of iron ore transport vehicles;

6, used for paving asphalt transportation, lifting mechanism requires slow down device.

7 in addition to look at the car, but also to understand the manufacturer's equipment capacity, dump truck design, process equipment is mature, after-sales service commitment, accessories can be purchased, etc..

The choice of the 8 compartment is mainly from the material side, according to the different parts of the transport of goods to increase the local thickness to meet the requirements.

The dump truck choice is to choose the right type according to the specific purpose, because the truck general work environment are more difficult, it is the choice of quality and reputation of excellent brand is particularly important, high attendance is a good tool to make money for heavy truck.

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