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The new four wheel drive dump truck
- May 03, 2017 -

The piston rod movement is controlled by the operating system, the backward tilting is more common, and the piston rod is pushed to make the carriage turn over. The high pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distributing valve and the oil pipe. The excellent quality of the special steel frame, with tolerance more than traditional welding frame, the weight still adhere to the same type, easy to use. The whole car accessories are national brands of goods, quality reached the leading domestic level, when the replacement parts easier when the region to buy, to repair. Four-wheel drive agricultural vehicle quality in a certain extent depends on the above points, the production parameters of these skills will be particularly pay attention to the above, the use of agricultural vehicles are not the same as the four-wheel drive has a certain specification, consumers in the use process must be used according to the specification, the technical parameters goods also needs certain knowledge and understanding. Engineering vehicle chassis type: select fire special chassis; driving method: 4 * 2, two axis chassis. Emission standards: not less than the European standard 3. The utility model is mainly used to carry out uninterrupted command chair for troops in the field of sports or field operations, and is equipped with the necessary equipment and skill components of command. Car manufacturers can supply the four-wheel drive agricultural commodity variety, can guarantee the quality we use in agricultural four-wheel drive car purchases of agricultural vehicles is not the same with the four-wheel drive request by different to a certain extent, the control room also has certain requirements, understand the related knowledge mastering room. Four-wheel drive agricultural vehicles with four-wheel drive agricultural vehicles can be equipped with the control of the four wheel drive agricultural vehicle control room single and double control free loading unloading things hit the engine, can also avoid the inhalation of foreign bodies.