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Selection of cooling system for mine four wheel vehicle
- May 03, 2017 -

The cooling system of mine four wheeled vehicle is necessary, in order to prevent the engine from overheating, but also to prevent the engine cold winter, the engine cooling system, to ensure the rapid warming reaches normal working temperature, to ensure that the cooling liquid circulating pump engine in sufficient cooling action, coolant pump away from the radiator into the water cavity, then through the engine coolant temperature control back to the heating radiator. An important part of the radiator cooling system, its main function is to store the coolant, heating and cooling, thereby reducing the engine coolant temperature, engine cooling process, and finally realize. The design of the radiator is reasonable, which can ensure the engine power, economy and reliability. Its working principle is to use the pump to increase the pressure of the coolant, the engine coolant in the forced cooling water cycle, the excess heat of the engine to take away, in order to keep it in the best operating temperature. Small circulation, large circulation mode. Loop refers to the engine to open a cold start at low temperature coolant thermostat not, then only through the engine coolant circulation channel pump, once the engine reaches normal working temperature. The engine temperature, coolant temperature reaches the set value the thermostat, thermostat valve open, coolant through the coolant radiator cooling after re entering the engine cooling water flow from the human engine, a cycle that, try to make the engine in the best running temperature.

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