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Qingdao liberation tractor to step up market segments
- May 03, 2017 -

In April 23, 2017, Shanghai Delong automobile sales and Service Co. Ltd. in Qingdao, Shanghai Shang Wuxi Power liberation leader, and witness the main partner of Delong, held the signing of cooperation with the main dealers signing ceremony. One of the JH6 tractor is the main model of the liberation of Qingdao, the main is efficient logistics. Self weight 8.8T, outer width of 2.495m, high 2.01M flat floor cab is the liberation of the most spacious cab platform. 4 point suspension cab, multi-function steering wheel, airbag seat, 85CM wide sleeper configuration to protect the user's driving comfort requirements. At the same time in power, JH6 is equipped with Wuxi CA6DM2-46E5 engine, 12L displacement, maximum output of 460 horsepower. At the same time, matching the FAW CA12TAX210M gearbox, reasonable power configuration for efficient logistics needs. Of course, users can also choose to large horsepower, equipped with a 500 horsepower JH6 engine Wuxi 13L products.

In addition, taking into account the requirements of modern logistics attendance, JH6 machine, box, bridge three assembly to achieve a 100 thousand km long oil change cycle.

The courier favored Hummer V 4x2 models

Although the influence of the new GB1589, 6X4 models compared to other models are more popular, even with traditional 4x2 models based on port car slowly update 6 axle vehicle, but engaged in the light cast goods express more emphasis on space and efficiency, so the 4X2 is currently in the Shanghai area still more by the user's favorite express. The liberation of Qingdao's shrew V through improved driving comfort, the cab with 4 point suspension, and equipped with Wuxi CA6DL2 engine, high reputation has already started, this year has been the bes Huitong purchase 400 vehicles.

The signing ceremony, Shanghai Delong auto sales company on 2017 outlook, but also to Qingdao to liberate the user based, further market segments, improve product and market fit of a reflection.