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Phoenix International Airport to introduce small advanced tractor
- May 03, 2017 -

Recently, Sanya Phoenix International Airport to introduce a new TLD by the French group production TMX-150-type tractor, the introduction of the tractor, and further enhance the Phoenix Airport comprehensive security capabilities.

It is reported that with the Phoenix Airport Phase III expansion project to promote the rapid development of Phoenix Airport Terminal Bridge seats will reach 18, and medium (docked Boeing 737 series, Airbus A320 series aircraft) majority, large traction Frequent shuttle between the far seat and the bridge between the seats will cause many restrictions, affecting flight security efficiency. To this end, the Phoenix Airport specifically introduced this self-weight of about 15 tons, the largest traction up to 120KN small rod tractor, the tractor will be resident in the corridor area, to meet the docking of the region's passenger traction service needs.

Phoenix Airport Motor Transport Service Center, TMX-150-type bar tractor combines the French TLD Group's new design, not only the cockpit space increases, in addition to the driver can also take the two, to facilitate the new driver to follow the car to learn special vehicle driving Technology, and cockpit vision widening, can reduce the driver line of sight. In addition, the car is equipped with a high-definition front and rear bar monitoring system to facilitate the driver directly through the system to observe the crew of the rod, unloading rod operation, can effectively reduce the operational risk.