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Atlas Copco launched the world's largest underground mining truck
- May 03, 2017 -

The world's largest underground mining truck can carry multiple materials?

65 tons, this is the answer given by Atlas Copco.

Atlas Copco over the years in the global underground mine transport based on experience, Atlas Copco in 2016 launch of the new Minetruck MT65 underground mine truck, carrying capacity of 65 tons. Today, the first mining truck in Australia's Gwalia gold mine after 4 months, more than 2 thousand hours of trial operation, the average carrying capacity of up to 65.7 tons. The result was highly praised by the contractor Byrnecut, and immediately decided to order 2 MT65 mining trucks.

The Gwalia gold mine, which is as deep as 1620 m, is one of the deepest mines of Goldfields gold, a large amount of gold ore and a considerable amount of waste material to be transported as far as km.

At present, Byrnecut has a large underground mining truck fleet, including 20 Atlas kepuke mine truck. After two new orders of MT65 mining trucks are added, the transportation efficiency will be greatly improved.

Efficient carrier

MT65 is suitable for large underground mines and construction projects, which has high reliability and high carrying capacity and high climbing speed, so that productivity has been significantly improved. In order to improve energy efficiency, Atlas Copco also reduced fuel consumption, effectively reducing the operating costs.

Maximum security level

Many Minetruck MT65 security features to ensure the safe operation of underground, such as cab ROPS and anti falling object protective device, SAHR brake system, automatic braking operation and test equipment health warning lamp.

Open automation

The configuration of Atlas Copco drilling machine control system (RCS), can help you to operate, but also with different automation solutions, such as loading weighing and tire monitoring, equipment data Certiq remote information processing solutions provided can be used to further optimize the production, operation and maintenance of equipment.

Easy maintenance

By improving the design, MT65 can provide efficient service management, reduce downtime.